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10 Android Apps All Writers Must Have.
July 22, 2016

Writing, in this era, is somewhat equivalent to typing, only that writing requires thinking and reflecting while typing may not. Fact, every writer is a typist, but not every typist is a writer. The leaf paper and the bleeding pen now do just the basic works of brainstorming, outlining and drafting for many of us. In fact, some apps can also help […]

Do you hate getting stuck while trying to write? Yes, who doesn’t. Then, if writer’s block is real why don’t you break the blocks to relieve your yourself from the yoke of not writing? Give your pen to no myth, writer’s blocks are fake! I repeat, they are fake. Why? You can’t keep waiting on the muse and claim you are a […]

12 Ways To Write Better
July 11, 2016

We are all writers now. Whether you write blog posts, emails, tweets, text messages, or Facebook status, you are a writer. No matter what medium you use to express your thoughts in words, you’re just a writer like me, and here are a few tips to help you write effectively: #1. Be Conscious of Your Casual Wrings. If you’re serious about writing […]

July 4, 2016

Often, when I see writers hiding under the porous umbrella of “I’m not a natural writer”. Claiming the experts are born writers and they have big secrets to good writing. I feel disappointed. To surprise you.. There is nothing like a naturally born writer. The truth is, we all learn to write. And. Everyone can write perfectly, including you. But… Our command […]

John Chizoba Vincent is a poet, novelist, cinematographer and film director. He has over four books published which includes Hard Times, Good Mama, Letter From Home, and Chicken’s Revolts. He has over seven hundred poems published online, journals and magazines. You can get him on Facebook page:

June 24, 2016

If the totality of amount earned in a year by a well experienced and acclaimed poet cannot commensurate with what an upcoming artist earn at a single musical show. Then it should be unarguable that poetry is no more a commercial art. With such evidential point above, we cannot completely disregard the widely known clause “Poets are poor”. And at this particular […]

Murder Your Fears
June 21, 2016

Hey friend. I thought of doing something quite unusual today. What if we nudge ourselves a bit today. Perhaps someone might got move towards his dreams. In the early 2000, I was living with my grandmother. She was a farmer and Fufu seller. Then, I hawk for her everyday. Every weekend we must visit her farm to dug up Cassavas during harvest […]

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